Monday, 16 August 2010

King Tubby and The Dub Rebelution

King Tubby

I started off as a Hip Hop DJ and through Hip Hop I discovered many other genres of music as a teenager. One of these was Reggae and all its sub-genres from Dancehall to Ragga, Roots and Lovers Rock. But it was through Dub that I wandered into the world of the Sound System.

Dub took me to another place and it was the sounds of the late great King Tubby (Osbourne Ruddock 1941-1989) that sent me to musical heaven. Tubby is the Dub Master. Skilled in electronic repairs he built his own Sound System "King Tubby's Hometown Hi-Fi" in the early Sixties and started playing at dances in Kingston. With the legendary U-Roy controlling the mic and Tubby droppin' special after special at the control tower, Hometown Hi-Fi became one of the most popular sounds in Jamaica. Through the success of the Sound System he set up his own studio and developed a new style of mixing the instrumental "the version".

Using a 4 track mixing desk he brings the vocal's of the original song in and out adding some effects with an echo chamber and turn "the version" into "the dub". Tubby is hailed as the man who invented dub, although some claim he wasn't the first. Whether he did or didnt doesn't matter, it was the way Tubby mixed down the songs that made him the King. The Dub Conqueror and the Originator of the Remix.

Dub Echoes Documentary King Tubby

After my first experience of listening to King Tubby I was hooked! The music was 20 years old but sounded so unique I was amazed. I was rinsing out a couple old homemade compilations on tape everywhere I went . At that time, during through the night smoking sessions Hip Hop and Dancehall were replaced with Dub as the music of choice and in particular King Tubby. I went out and bought all the Tubby's vinyl I could get my hands on and begun my Degree In Dub Knowledge.

That was the Summer of Dub and by the middle of Autumn I decided that it was time to get myself schooled in the ways of the dubwise selector, to become a champion selector. So I jumped in the car and headed out into the cold North London night to a popular weekly Roots and Culture event, The Dub Club. Jah Youth Sound were playing in a Dubwise style and that was the start of my Dub Rebelution.

Linval Thompson Whip Dem King Tubby

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Rebel I "Banana Rebel Volume 1" 2010

Rebel I and Ricky Ranking at Roots Manuva's Dub College

Inspired by The Sound Systems from way back when and Dub College.

Banana Rebel Volume 1. Copy and Paste Download Link or go to Rebel Downloads for direct link.......


1. Rocking Time - Burning Spear
2. Fear Not - Winston Jarrett
3. Smile - Gregory Isaacs
4. Jah Righteous Plan - Willie Williams
5. Rebel Soldering - Johnny Clarke
6. Soldering Dub - King Tubby
7. Ali Baba - Jackie Edwards
8. I Trim The Barber - King Tubby
9. Rise Jah Children - Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus
10. City Too Hot - Lee Perry
11. Sun Is Shining - Winston Matthews
12. Dub To The Rescue - King Tubby
13. Braces Tower Dub - Augustus Pablo
14. Tired Fi Lick Weed Inna Bush - Jacob Miller
15. Columbian Collie - Jah Lion
16. Quarter Pound Of Ishens - Max Romeo
17. Dem Say Rasta - Johnny Clarke
18. Baby I Love You So - Jacob Miller
19. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown - Augustus Pablo
20. Each One Teach One - Jacob Miller
21. Each One Dub - Augustus Pablo
22. Informer Man - Junior Byles
23. Freedom Fighter - Bunny And Ricky
24. Iron Wolf - The Upsetters
25. Babylon Wrong - Ashanti Waugh
26. Police And Soldier War - Jah Lion
27. Phillistines On The Land - Junior Murvin
28. Bingo Kid - The Upsetters

Welcome To The Rebellion

Welcome to the Rebel Eye. A Life Of Rebellion. Written Rebellion, Audio Rebellion, Visual Rebellion.
The Rebellion will not be televised, The Rebellion will not be supervised, The Rebellion will not be organised, The Rebellion will be live...........

The Rebellion is Banana Klan.

Rebel Heart, Rebel Sound, Rebel Eye.

One Dub One Love

Rebel I, Banana Klan.