Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Albums of the Year

Ok, Here we go again, here's my round up of my 5 favourite albums of this year....

1. Busy Signal - Reggae Music Again
Busy brought back the reggae vibes with this album, an absolute classic and defo my fave album of this year. It's a shame that shortly after this was released he was incarcerated in America for a 6 months after a minor charge from many years ago caught up with him. I'm sure if he hadn't been locked up this album would have propelled into worldwide superstardom. Reggae Music Again... Yeah!!!

2. YT - Revolution Time
YT is one of the most under rated artists and this his third album is another solid classic. Dancehall Roots style with social commentary about everything from reggae saving his life to the worldwide recession are covered and this album is a definite purchase for any die hard dancehall reggae fan. Revolution Time!!! Forward!!!

3. Kendrick Lemar - Good Kidd M.A.A.D. City
I have to admit that when I first heard Kendrick Lemar I wasn't that keen on his rapping but when I heard the album it all worked for me and I have to say this album will up there with other classic West Coast Hip Hop albums like "The Chronic"... A masterpiece!

4. Masta Ace - MA Doom Son Of Yvonne
A slept on album with veteran Masta Ace spittin' his childhood memories over MF Doom beats. No real stand out singles but a great album that is really enjoyable from start to finish. If this dropped in the 90's it would have been hailed as a classic.

5. Romain Virgo - The System
Released roughly around the same time as Busy Signal's album, Romain's 2nd LP is in a very simular vein to Reggae Music Again and is another stand out reggae album. Tunes like "Food Fi Di Plate" and "Dem A Coward" make this a sureshot classic.

So there you have it. Have a blessed NYE peeps, catch you in 2013. One Love!

DJ Diablo All Star Xmas Jamboree at The Funhouse December 19th 2012

To end off the year at The Funhouse we decided to get another Jamboree together... Inna Dancehall Sound System stylee.

Chris P Cuts and the Trash and Ready DJ's Mistah Brown and Tim Dancecrasher warmed up the session neatly then myself and Huggy Bear came with the riddims for the microphone dons to the their thing. Seanie T and Ricky Ranking with YT, Mr Williamz and Randy Valentine all killed it. Dancehall Nice Again!!!!

Video streaming by Ustream

DJ Diablo Dancehall Reggae Mix Xmas 2012

After the bashment mix I decided to do a more straight up Dancehall Reggae mix. Busy Signal, Taurrus Riley, YT, Macka B, Gappy Ranks plus lots more... Forward!!!!

DJ Diablo Dancehall Reggae Mix Xmas 2012 by Dj Diablo on Mixcloud

DJ Diablo Bashment Mix October 2012

This was the first bashment mix that I've done in a while, Mavado, Assassin, Busy Signal, Aidonia and much more....

DJ Diablo Dancehall Bashment Mix 2012 by Dj Diablo on Mixcloud

DJ Diablo All Star Birthday Bash 17 April 2012

Back in April I celebrated my birthday by bringing and all star DJ & MC line up to The Funhouse.

DJ English Fire from Black Chiney, The Ragga Twins, Ricky Ranking, Seanie T, YT, Serocee, Tuggawar and K9 all smashed it to make this a memorable session.

Check it out!!!!

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2012 Hiatus... Back for 2013!!!!

Greetings To All,
I had break from music and blogging in 2012 due to family affairs but in 2013 I'll be back on the music and blogging hard. Check out the above posts to see what I've been doing in the last year.

One Love Rebel "I"

Friday, 6 January 2012

Banana Klan - Rebel "I" Roots : A Dub College Education

Happy New Year Rebels..... Here's a little education mix from myself and the whole of the Banana Klan. Blessings!

Banana Klan - Rebel "I" Roots : A Dub College Education