Friday, 1 October 2010

Foundation Words From Roots Manuva


The Banana Klan mission in essence is an "informal appreciation community," that has evolved out of the Roots Manuva live tour entourage. Indeed, this said party have partied hard over the years. In a nutshell, Banana Klan is a vessel of anti brand provocations, and interactive socio-economic concern, for a street level think-tank community.

Membership is achieved from living the Hip-Hop and Punk Rock "do-it-yourself" aesthetic. As a result, the Klan is a constantly evolving organism. For me the inception was more akin to a trade seal of approval rather than a conventional record label or band. There are 3 degrees of Banana Klan type:


A rebel community animal in its very least, we will: jam, brainstorm, squabble, and agree to agree or disagree. We obsess about all things elastic to a migrant adjustment in the UK and beyond. As founder of the platform my inspiration grows out of frustration with the "give me a record deal mentality" of our times.

The Klan hustle is deeper than money, genre, religion, age, greed, class and political persuasion. The struggle continues strength of conviction; recognized over-standing. When you see the trade mark: let it be said that we do not follow trends. We do this for the love of our school of thought; an underground Academy of DIY reluctant anti-heroes.

As the Klan grows daily, the Question "What is Banana Klan?" is getting harder to answer. The harder the better.

Thank you for your interest,

Roots Manuva

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